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In order for everyone to understand immediately how the maximum speed is calculated (in reality), some basics must first be clarified.

When a bicycle rolls on a surface, three factors are important:

  • the rolling resistance (surface, tire pressure, weight, profile, etc.)
  • the air resistance (speed)
  • the slope (the steeper the more power is required)

These values must be entered as realistically as possible during the calculation.

Performance curve

The performance curve for all vehicles is such that the performance (blue) drops significantly with increasing speed, while the performance requirement (pink), i.e. the sum of the three factors mentioned above, increases more and more.


So if the vehicle performance decreases with increasing speed, but the power requirement increases, there will be an intersection of the two powers (pink / blue) somewhere. This is where the top speed is. This software module is also used in our T1-P police test bench.

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