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What does that mean and why is it important? Balancing is carried out before the measurement so that the measured values are not falsified by internal losses in the test bench and by the drag power.
The drag power is the biggest source of error when measuring lower powers (< 20-30 kW).

The drag power arises from the rotating deformation of a tire. Each tire is pressed onto the ground (road / roller) by a total weight (vehicle + driver + luggage + …). The tire deforms as a result. When the tire rotates, this deformation moves over the entire circumference. The faster, the higher the losses due to towing power.
The greater the deformation, caused by low tire pressure, high total weight, soft tire structure, coarse tire profile, the higher the losses due to towing power.

How to do the balancing is explained in the video. Of course, there is an easier way and even a “one-click” solution.

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