The e-Bike dynamometer for repair shops and professionals!

You have a bike shop or sales room and you are looking for a tool that can quickly and easily check e-bikes and find bugs immediately?

The new Speed Bull is a small, portable test bench with small dimensions, but a lot of potential!

Speed Bull

The advantages are a simple handling and intuitive software. The principle of operation is easy to understand.

In the newly developed Bull-Soft, a constant speed or an increasing speed range with freely selectable acceleration can be selected. As soon as the driver is safely seated in the saddle, the measurement can be started remotely.

While the driver is receiving the instructions from the monitor, he can watch the drag loss of the wheel, the pedaling, the total and the vehicle power. Power drops, roll drag, shutdown behavior and speed are just as clear as sensor errors or other misconduct.

Furthermore, this device is indispensable as additional control for customer service or warranty work.

It is very easy to display the top speed on the flat and on different slope grades (MTB). After the battery capacity is known the mileage or climb hight (MTB) can be calculated.

Speed Bull measurement Speed Bull frontal

Optionally, vehicles with front-wheel drive, after a quick conversion with the supplied accessories and a change of direction, can also be tested. A brake lining "grounding" function is also possible, as is an extension for s-pedelecs with a significantly higher speed and power range.

The complete system is developed and produced by TRAKTAL

Speed Bull folded Speed Bull side

To prevent from accidents the front wheel rail can be folded.


Bull-Soft runs on Win10 operating systems with internet access and a USB2.0 connection.

The Speed Bull reaches speeds of up to 32 km/h with a continuous rated power of 700 watts. The continuous rated power output is about 2 kW!

Since we do not know what the future demands for a test bench, the Speed Bull has a modular structure. With interchangeable sensors, electronics and software, the Speed Bull can be extended quickly and easily.

necessary is an area of 90 x 70 cm

power supply: 230V / 16A

weight: ca. 60 kg

Terms of delivery

The Speed Bull is always delivered complete and ready to use, including all hardware, cables and manual. The necessary software "Bull-Soft" can be downloaded in a protected area.


The standard price is 6995,- €

incl. 2 year warranty and free updates

Actual offer: 5499,- €

(all prices are without VAT, wrapping and shipping)

Here is the actual Flyer

If you have further questions, please feel free to get in contact with us: or call: 0049 8341 991910

Speed Bull Side Made in Germany